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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting ‘Grow Digital First’ website and reviewing our online Privacy Statement. Respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information in an online environment is a priority for us.


Our commitment


We are committed to protecting your privacy whether you are browsing for information or conducting business with ‘Grow Digital First’ through electronic channels.

When you visit our website or social media sites, we will not collect your personal information for any purposes other than specified in the web page you visited. Any personal information you provide will be used to respond to your message and/or provide you with the requested service or product.


If you choose not to use the Internet to provide personal information, you can contact us by telephone, fax, mail or in person. The same privacy rules will apply if we speak to you by these other methods.


Web analytics

In order to serve you better, we use web analytics services including Google Analytics to help analyze the use of our website. These tools use cookies to collect and generate information about your visits to our sites (including your IP address) that is transmitted to their servers in an anonymous form for processing. We study patterns of website activity so we can improve the experience of visitors to our sites.

The use of these tools does not allow us or our analytics service providers to identify individuals.

You can opt-out of analytics activity by setting your browser to notify you when a cookie is sent and block analytics cookies if desired. Visiting our website with analytics cookies disabled will have no significant impact on your browsing experience.


What kind of information is collected when you visit our website?


When you browse or download information from ‘Grow Digital First’ website, the server automatically collects limited amounts of standard information for traffic monitoring and statistical purposes. The information is analyzed for operational trends, performance, and for ways to improve our sites. ‘Grow Digital First’ cannot identify you from this information.


We collect the following standard types of information:


Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the computers being used to access our sites

Operating systems and the types and versions of browsers used to access our sites

Internet Service Providers used by visitors to our sites

Dates and times users access our sites

Pages visited

Keywords users enter into our search engine

Names and sizes of files requested


How do we use cookies?

A cookie is a small text file sent from a Web server and placed on your computer’s hard drive. A cookie is generally used to enhance your browsing experience. You can choose to set your browser to detect and reject cookies, to accept cookies from all sites, or to prompt you whenever a site wants to send you a cookie.


Cookies used by the ‘Grow Digital First’ Website, as such, do not give us access to anything on your hard drive and cannot do anything to your computer.

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